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    My name is Bayuadji, I am a plain and simple man, like good software and good code, crazy about weezer and big fans of liverpoool FC.

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love and hate relation with java

Ok, I want to talk why I use Java, and I use a lot, and this is become one of my first priority of language choice when choosing a programming language to solve a problem.

  1. java is easy, easy compare to what? compare to c or c++, and if you can grab c or c++, and also has a understanding of oop, java is rather easy. you don’t have to care about garbage collection, you don’t have to care also about pointer, all is being taking care of. This is like driving an automatic car
  2. there are ton of API not only on default java but also there are a lot libary for doing almost anything. there are a libaray for structure data, parsing xml, cryptograph, and lot more. when you got a problem chance that someone has already solved it and put in sourceforge and it’s written in java. >:)
  3. have a superb IDE to work in it, whatever you are an eclips mania or netbeans fans, bot IDE are superb and easy to work with, and make your productivity increase (but that’s depend on how good you are :P).

But that doesn’t make me love java, I only use it because it make my life much easier. for several reason, Do you think I am one of java zealot don’t yo? guess what I don’t like java, this is the part that I don’t like about java.

  • Generics, since 1.5 java has generics and I hate it so much, making life much more confusing
  • I like freedom, and in java, your freedom is limited, everything is an object, object is first class citizen, the pricess of java universe. function, arrays, primitive is just a slave. and because of that making java is not so expressive.
  • too many xml. aka too many framework 😛
  • too many effort on server side, and making desktop technology behind, swing should have been big, applet also. this is because the myth that swing and applet is sllooow, but started in 5.0 until 7.0 I think this stuff have been taking care, the performance of swing is faster.

that’s my rant, I think I should stop right here, the conclusion is don’t love your programming language just use it as your b&&tch, use it until thera is something else that much more interesting and much more sexier :P.

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